Phone Monitoring

Phone Monitoring

Highly qualified nurse to contact you between visits.

Phone Monitoring

Phone Monitoring is most often used by people who are suffering with:

Unstable Health issues
Frequent hospitalizations
Medication Issues
Congestive Heart Failure/Heart Failure
COPD or Emphysema
Parkinson’s Disease
Failure to Thrive

What Can Phone Monitoring Help With?

Medication Reminders
Safety Concerns
Early Prevention of catastrophes
Medication clarifications
Early mobilization of nursing care in case of emergencies

What makes our Phone Monitoring better than our Competitors?

Not frequently offered with competitors
Quick call can avoid catastrophe
Phone call around your daily routine
Address safety issues
Address medication issues
Help forgetful patients remember to take their medications
One-on-One care
Highly qualified nurse to speak to
Comfort knowing someone is there thinking about you
Highest Medicare ratings in the area
Highest Customer Service Awards in the industry (Fazzi)