Many people do not know what home health is…. and what home health isn’t. The following FAQs can help you answer a number of questions that you and your family members may have!

Q:   What is home health?

A:     Home health is an “intermittent” health service where a skilled therapist or nurse comes to your house to help maintain, strengthen and improve your health. Tender Touch only provides Home Health Visits to qualifying patients.

Q:   What is Not provided by Home Health Care?

A:     Home Health visits are not a “companionship service.” Tender Touch does not provide hourly, 24-hour, or live-in care. It is also not for people that can safely and easily go to an outpatient or clinic setting to receive the same skilled services (the key here is Safely and Easily go to outpatient settings for care). Medicare will not pay for adult babysitting, food preparation or housekeeping as a part of home health care visits.

However, together we can help problem-solve your issues so that you can lead a more independent life, and address your health and strength issues so that you will need less help. Our goal is to get you strong and healthy so you don’t have to go to a nursing home or hospital to receive specialized care at high prices.

Q:   What is a visit?

A:     According to Home Care Association of Florida, “A visit is when the health professional, aide, or nurse, comes into a patient’s home or residence and performs certain specific tasks or duties. A visit can last up to an hour, but is defined, time-wise, by the completion of the required duties. When the tasks have been performed and completed, the visit is over. An example of a skilled nursing visit includes removing a dressing on a wound, documenting the wound in the client’s medical record, treating the wound, applying a new dressing on the wound, and monitoring the general health of the client. An example of a visit by an HHA includes assisting the client with undressing, helping the client bathe, and helping the client get dressed and change bed linens.”

Q:   Who qualifies for home health?

A:     Any patient that is homebound and requires a skilled service, while under a doctor’s care, qualifies for home health.

To make it easier to understand, imagine home health as a prescription, such as a medication. A doctor needs to prescribe home health for you and they need a responsible reason for a clinician to come to your house to keep you safe and get you stronger. Home health is, in some ways, a service for those that are sicker than going to an outpatient physical therapist or health clinic but healthier than those who are in a nursing home or hospital. If you live at home or an assisted living facility you can receive services, but not while at a nursing home or hospital.

If you have more questions about Home Health, please call our Intake Department at 850-913-1500 or view the Home Care Association of Florida website for more information.

Q:   What exactly is homebound?

A:     A person may be considered homebound if leaving home is difficult or requires a taxing effort. A person may leave home for medical treatment or short, infrequent absences for non-medical reasons, such as a trip to the barber or to attend religious services.

Many people think that if you are homebound, you can only leave the house with the help of the fire department. In truth, at some point in their life, most people will be considered homebound, even if only for a short time. There are so many surprising physical and mental conditions that qualify a person for homebound status, that the best way to find out if you qualify for homebound is to contact your physician or our Intake Department at 850-913-1500.

Q:  Do you have to be Elderly?

A:   No. Tender Touch has had young, middle-aged and elderly patients older than 100. At this time we ARE licensed to care for anyone under 18, but you must check with your insurance to make sure they will allow Tender Touch to care for your young family members with home health.

Q:   What insurances do you take?

A:     Medicare, Medicare primary with Medicaid Secondary, Tricare for Life, and Private Pay are always accepted. Private Insurance plans- even private Medicare plans- can only be taken with prior approval.

Please contact our Intake Department for more information at 850-913-1500.

Q:   What do I need to do to get started on home healthcare?

A:     Patients need to discuss home health care with their doctor, and if you are in the hospital, your social worker/case manager. If appropriate, the physician can refer you to Tender Touch Health Care Services by writing a medical order or a prescription. For any issues that occur, the patient or HIPAA approved person can reach out to us for help in the process by calling 850-913-1500.

The patient ALWAYS has the right to choose which home health care
company they want, so tell your doctor you choose the best- tell them you want Tender Touch for your home health!